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Media launch for WEPT

Mid 2008
Research group established
 >> 1st WEPT field research

Mid 2008
NAC Mozambique operational

Late 2008
NAC Ladahk operational

5 more permanent bases by 2015

International conferences in 2012&2015




“The 2006 IUCN Red List shows a clear trend: biodiversity loss is increasing not slowing down … The implications of this trend for the productivity and resilience of ecosystems and lives and livelihoods of billions of people who depend on them are far reaching”                                        source: IUCN 2006 news release
Of the original 11 equid family members,
5 are now extinct
7 remain – all on the IUCN red list

We do not yet know enough about equid’s detailed behaviour, how they interact with species which occur alongside them, and the threats to their habitat. The Wild Equid Trust through it research programme (IERP) is dedicated to new research, collating existing knowledge and working with existing projects to put zebras back on the map for good.
Family Equidae
Wild Asses
Wild asses
-Somali Wild Ass (critically endangered)
-Nubian Wild Ass
-Algerian Wild Ass
-Heuglin’s Wild Ass
-Southern European Wild Ass
-Kiang (insufficient data)
-Cape mountain zebra (critically endangered)
-Hartmann’s mountain zebra (critically endangered)
-Grevy’s zebra (endangered)

Plains zebra
-Grant’s (endangered)
-Upper Zambezi zebra (endangered)
-Crawshay’s zebra (critically endangered)
-Chapman’s zebra (endangered)
-Damara zebra (endangered)
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