We need everyone who is interested in horses, donkeys, zebras and wild asses to help us. Here are some simple...

Raise awareness
Tell everyone you know that all the wild equids are now on the endangered list --- pass on this website and together we will have the enormous impact that is needed.

Raise funds

Donate any amount you can afford, every donation however small makes a big difference ... Download the application form
Walk as far as a zebra in one day - join a sponsored walk or organise one yourself ... for details click here

Buy a zebra
We are purchasing zebras for our new game reserve in Mozambique --- you could fund the purchase of anything from an individual (£450, including delivery!) to a herd up to 8 ... Download the application form

Practical involvement
Do you have specialist skills and want to travel?
We have a number of projects under development at any one time across a selection of countries in Africa and Asia. If you have experience in teaching children, construction, management or other areas you think might be of help to WEPT and have the time to donate free of charge, please let us know by sending us your CV. Give us an idea of where you think you could best add value and help the wild equids.


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